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Russians and Nazis and the Klan Oh My

There it was Sunday  morning.  All up and down my time line.  “The Russians had hacked the election to install Heir Trump!”, the Tweets screamed in one form or another.

 It had been pretty clear during the campaign that Pootie Poot and the great orange hope were, shall we say, friendly.  Especially in the era of Paul Manafort. But this sudden synchronised  hysterical scretching was a sight to behold.

The hive had grasped a new demon to explain the loss by Queen Hillary.  The first attempt was those  evil white men who were so RACIST they voted for a black man twice but refused to vote for a washed up white radical hippie chick well past her sell by date.  I know, I know, that makes no sense. Just eat some mushrooms while listening to Jefferson Airplane backwards and it will all become clear, Man.

Next came the “Fake News” fugue where paragons of journalistic virtue the likes of Dan Rather and Brian Williams (Hang on a sec, I need to catch my breath from laughing.) lectured on the dangers of fake news. Like made up war stories or Vietnam era documents printed instead of typed, you ask? No no simpleton, fake news like Benghazi being a terrorist attack and anything that questions the validity of AGW.  The fact is Hillary is probably the most craven corrupt worm to ever have run for public office.  The palace guards did their best to put a happy face on it all, but ultimately could not cover the breadth of rot.

Which brings us to the latest tack: THE RUSSIANS DID IT! The same Russians Mitt was ridiculed for warning about.  The same Russians we allowed to anex Crimea and Ukraine.  Why on earth would the Russian’s ever think they could interfere in our election?  When that question begins  to be answered with the uncomfortable facts of the last 8 years, this too will quickly be dropped by our  “thought leaders”.

Which scape goat will be tried next? The Amazing Bat Boy perhaps.  But don’t expect the left and their minions to be honest and self reflective any time soon.

One thought on “Russians and Nazis and the Klan Oh My

  1. Mr. Bear

    It is always someone else’s fault. It is very sad that the left cannot, at all, accept responsibility for running such a terrible candidate.

    My dog’s vomit could have beaten Trump.

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