Liberty Fur All

In Praise of Nature’s Law

We can all get what we want if we can all agree to let each other live our own lives. For too long we have treated government as a vengeful God who is on one side against the other. This needs to stop.

This country was founded on the philosophy of Natural Law. Put simply, in the absence of government, the natural man has what? The answer is the right to his life, his liberty and his property. The natural man has a right to speak,66 to his conscience, to his defence and to assemble with those he chooses. For more in depth analysis read the works of John Stuart Mill, John Locke and Montesquieu. He does not have the right to another man’s labor or resources. Or to put another way, he does not have the right to food, shelter, clothing, healthcare or the wealth of another. Governments are created to protect the natural rights of men. Not to even the playing field. Not to address past grievances. Not to provide for preferred classes from cradle to grave.

Am I happy that Cheeto Jesus is now President-elect Trump? Hell NO! But for the first time in my life I see the death march to Statist Serfdom paused. In that pause, maybe, just maybe, some good can happen. This system started by the Progressives in the early 1900’s must be reversed. The Federal Government needs to be put back in the box that the states created for it. The repeal of the 16th, 17th Amendments, A Convention of States that would place term limits on Congress and the Supreme Court and an amendment that would defang the Commerce Clause and repudiate the God awful Wickard v. Filburn decision. Would be a helluva start.

A return to the concept of state’s rights where California could do California and Colorado could do Colorado would be superb. The abolishment of the Departments of Education, Commerce, Environmental Protection, Health and Human Services and Agriculture and returning these functions to their rightful place in the states would be another helpful turn of events.

If California wants to provide cradle to grave welfare for it’s citizens, great. Let them do it, but with their own resources. Want Planned Parenthood to exist? That’s cool, send them a check. Don’t like that Colorado lets it’s citizens buy pot in a store? Don’t come here. Don’t approve of a church not wanting to marry two Dudes? Don’t be a member of it. If you are a girl that wants to marry your girlfriend, that’s great. Find someone who wants to perform the ceremony for you.

Will any of this happen? Probably not. But I have hope that maybe we’ve had enough of this farce

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