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Being a Gay Polyamorous Furry in Trump’s America

For my introductory contribution to “Liberty Fur All” I feel like I should both give a bio of myself while making pertinent commentary in the same breath.

As the title noted, I am an amalgamation of everything that shouldn’t be conservative, yet I will say it here for the internet to read. I voted for Donald J. Trump. Yes I am dating two males furries, and yes I am quite gay. Does that mean that I believe that the democratic party or any left leaning politician has my best interest at heart? Absolutely not.

So let’s examine how my seemingly contradictory lifestyle actually fits in with trump’s America.


Supporting a Racist Bigot

Back in early 2015 I was actively calling for Donald Trump to formally announce his campaign. As of 2015 I had never heard anyone even think to claim Trump as a racist, a misogynist maybe because of his treatment of Ivana ,but that’s a whole other can of worms and a dark chapter in his life that I don’t care to even review. Simply put, this election cycle made Donald Trump a racist, because the media saw the power of a candidate with untouched power and nothing to hide. Be cause the media could not find anything to trap him on, they relied on their powers of revisionism to tar and feather him. This only proved to make him more powerful.



But why support someone so full of himself? I fell in love with Trump over the simple fact that he WAS untouchable. Everything the media tried to pin on him, he not only did not deny, but outright accepted it. He never once tried to deny that he had made mistakes. Bankruptcy? That’s the fault of the investors, he survived it because he had business savvy. Taxes? The system is flawed and he is living proof of it. With every attack, the Trump hype heightened for me.

The Pence Gestapo

The true fears of the LGBT community were “realized” on election night. We had just elected a fascist, evangelist Vice President. To some furries it was the ”end of days, as noted below:

Except it isn’t.

For those of you who preach tolerance and acceptance, you sure don’t like it when a man of faith stands by that faith. I believe VP Pence is a man of extreme conviction and courage. What he did for Indiana not only shows that he is for civil right, but for the rights of all Americans, including one group that grows more marginalized every day, Christians. In this country we want to preach tolerance and acceptance, but demand that a church violate its own doctrine by forcing a pastor to marry same sex couples.

As a gay man living in America, I find it abhorrent that I could be denied service under Mike Pence’s religious freedom bills, but at the same time I also realize that the beauty of living in America allows me the right to vote with my wallet. If I don’t like being denied service somewhere, I can walk my happy ass up the road and take my business there.

And no furries, you won’t be rounded up into internment camps and electrocuted into submission, things will go on as normal.

Conservatism is a way of life

Let’s talk ideologies. I’m all for people getting help when they need it. Social programs are definitely needed in this country to help the poor and lees fortunate. But let’s face it, without hawkish politicians eyeing the budget, we cannot even hope to pay for it. I will ALWAYS support a staunch fiscal conservative over a social democrat any day. This was one of the main reasons I supported and voted Trump, no one took a harsh stance on fixing our budget, reforming IRS code, and taking care of the leeches on our society.

And don’t even start with Rand Paul, I live in Kentucky, I know Rand Paul, Rand Paul is an idiot.

But let’s face the facts folks, Trump is our President now, and it can only end in two ways: Either he makes good on his promises and makes the reforms we wants to see as conservatives, or he doesn’t. Life goes on and in four to eight years we will have another President. I personally have high hopes in Trump’s America, and I look to the future optimistically.

This is a personal opinion written by a contributor to Liberty Fur All. The contents of this article do not necessarily reflect the views of LFA or its other contributors.

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