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More Leftist Contradictions on Twitter

We’ve all been here before. We mention something or have a particular interest and get called a word on the left’s big giant Marxist list of insults. Whether it be racist, sexist, or bigot, they continue to shout all of these words that make zero sense except to them. Even after the fact they’ve been proven wrong, they continue to cry like a two year old. It’s become stale. Hardly anybody takes it seriously anymore. It’s not really worth dealing with these people, unless it allows you to watch them make a fool of themselves, as seen today on my Twitter feed.


It started out with me tweeting about the latest magazine cover from National Geographic and a bit of a blunt response to it. Most people agreed or disagreed politely with me. It didn’t take long before the typical trio of leftist rags replied. Quite easily the most retarded one posted was this.


The original tweet seems to be ignored by this person. Not to mention they think pointing out my race solves anything about racism. Their base? My Twitter banner. Their tweet is a poor attempt. The person clearly never heard of the word parody, considering how playful my banner on Twitter looks. Also the fact I’ve said numerous times it’s not meant to be taken seriously. But do they care? No. They just want to be on a moral high ground.


There’s quite literally nothing you could find that would make me a racist. The amount of times I’ve said the n-word in my life could probably be counted on one hand. I have black family members and a shit ton of black friends. That’s not what makes me magically not racist. It’s the fact that none of them consider me a racist and the fact that I’ve been openly anti-racist for pretty much most of my life. But that doesn’t matter to a leftist, does it? Facts don’t matter to them.


Quite possibly the funniest reply I got was a massive contradiction. It’s not claiming me to be racist. But instead claiming that I want to mess with children when they’re the ones who mess with children. All I want is children to be treated as children. The mind of a child is not yet fully mature and will, therefore, be unable to separate reality from fiction. One could argue that dysphoria is a thing, which technically it is. But it appears this child on the magazine cover is not in that category. It’s just parents forcing children to live and accept a lifestyle that the child does not want to be in. Also these people are literally celebrating a mental disorder (all evidence of gender dysphoria claim it to be a mental condition) and wanting it to be normal. Instead of finding ways to solve it, they want their children to live a lie and destroy their bodies. Child abuse.


That’s just one day, people. This is the garbage I receive at least once a week or so. Obviously I tweet stuff that will trigger an argument or cause a bit of anger. I’m not surprised when any of this happens. Most people who have followed me for awhile know what’s going to stir drama. And they can only expect the hilarious comments, even if they might agree with some of them. Gives me a good laugh sometimes. Other times, it causes hate and anger. But I try not to let that out. Twitter sure is a place of misinformation, isn’t it?

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