Liberty Fur All

Hypocritical Left-Wing Furries


We all know how hypocritical people can become in politics.


It’s almost natural to most people. Everybody from all sides do it from time to time. Furries are no different. Furries will say many things and then falsify it pretty quickly.


As we all know by now, furries, for the most part, are of the social and economic left. They heavily side with left-wing ideas such as social justice, socialism, Fascism, etc. They claim to be all fine and dandy with other people, even going as far as to say they’re tolerant and loving.


Boy are they kidding you. The moment you start diverting from left-wing ideas, they start hating on you. Some will listen and debate. But those are the ones who are actually confident in their argument and/or decent people (politically they might be the same).
For example, just recently at MFF, somebody was parodying Black Lives Matter. Nothing insane. It was just a fox fursuiter with a sign that said “FOX LIVES MATTER”. That made the loony left mad. A few threatened violence. As if that would help their cause.


Entire posts could be made about some of the stuff seen on Twitter and other places. It’s absolutely absurd. Many in the fandom privately hate it but are afraid to admit it, as these leftists would just rip them to shreds and call them some Marxist term like “bigot” despite being the bigots themselves. It’s quite hilarious to see them try to “stand up” for some sort of pat on the back.

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