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“A life not worth living”

This is not the article I was originally planning to write, but it is the one that wound up before me. So let’s have a talk about the value of life…

(Credit: Alfie’s Army Facebook Page.)

Right now, as you read this there is a toddler in Britain that is dying of a rare, unspecified degenerative neurological condition. His name is Alfie and the British government has decided that he must die. Alfie’s parents have appealed, begged and pleaded with the government run National Health System to let them seek alternative care outside of Britain. The Vatican in Rome has gone as far as to grant Alfie Citizenship and offer to take over his care. However, the NHS and the government have refused to allow them to take the child to Rome. The government has decided that this child’s life is not worth living and he MUST die.

Does this story seem familiar, perhaps déjà vu? No, it’s not. Last year the same thing happened to young Charlie Gard. A condition with a slim chance of recovery, parents desperate for help, Vatican intervention and yet still, the NHS deemed it fit to watch this child die. Now if you are asking yourself “why would a government, who should have the best interest in the life of its people, not do all that they can to save a life?” It’s because the system is inherently flawed. The NHS system is (for lack of a better term) FLAT BROKE. Non emergency surgeries are getting delayed or cancelled, wait times are at an all time high, but yet, everyone keeps playing along and pretending that the Emperor does in fact have clothes and those that might prove otherwise simply need to be executed.

At the onset of Obamacare, some republicans feared the possibility of “Death Panels” which would weigh the value of a human life, and if deemed not worth the expenditure, allow someone to die. The concept was dismissed by democrats as “absurd hysteria” but Obamacare was ultimately a stepping stone to get to Single Payer healthcare, just like the NHS. We are now being shown what happens under that system. Government bureaucrats, some of them who are not doctors and have never seen the child, decide that the child should die, the only difference between the scenarios is that rather than say it is because it would cost too much to keep the child alive, they drape it in the cloak of “quality of life”… a hard sell when everyone knows that you are in fact, broke.

And in the case of both Charlie and Alfie, independent groups, outside of the UK government, have offered to step in, take the burden off the state, and make some attempt to save the child. Anyone with an ounce of compassion would seemingly be onboard with the idea, so why do the NHS authorities oppose so vigorously? The answer is simple… control. They have insisted for years that they know best, that their decisions are right and that if they determine that there is no hope for the child, that is the end of the discussion. Imagine if an Italian, or American, or Chinese doctor, cured either of these children and they went on to live happy lives. It would be a massive slap in the face to the NHS.

I am not a parent, so I likely will never understand what these parents have been going through, but I am a person who believes in life and giving life a chance. If I were one of these parents, you would need SEAL TEAM 6 to keep me from taking my child and doing whatever I could to save them. Because, if the government can decide that my child’s life it not worth living, how long until they say that mine (or yours) isn’t?

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